Hey everyone and thanks for visiting Fish With Friends. I have been in the “Broadcasting Industry” for a long long time and have made some great friends. I am very excited to be able to use podcasting to hang out with new and old friends alike and share with you. Please help spread the word […]

I met Alicia a long time ago and am very excited to be podcasting with her. Not only will she be a regular on the podcast but she is also “PART OWNER” of the #Fishplex (She is my wife). Alicia was on the radio with me for a little bit but I met her years […]

A little over 4 years ago my pup Barett was not living in a good place. There were many puppies that were mean to him and he felt that his “Owners” were not very intelligent people. All they did was scratch themselves and watch reruns of “All in the Family” (an old TV show). So […]

Joey and I have been friends well before he got married. People have always asked me why I put him on my old morning show. Is it because he is hysterical? (Nope) Is it because he is creative and you both have great chemistry with each other? (Nope) Is it because you are both such […]

Fish and Aaron met many moons ago when they were both “working the streets”. Fish was “assisting” older women with their needs while Aaron was a semi-professional break dancer. He was know as “Meat Feet” in his crew and could actually perform a head spin at a record time of just over 1 hour and […]

You may recognize Dee as the world famous “Biatch” from JJO in Madison, Wisconsin.  Not only is she an amazing person with and an incredibly reliable friend but she is also my buddy for coming up with weird websites.  That is kind of what we do.  The worst day of our friendship was when we […]

I met Marino many years ago.  We have so much in common and yet are not Eskimo brothers.   Marino is the father to many many children and also is recently certified … as a trainer.  We both are big WWE nerds and are known by the ladies as the only 2 men in the […]

It was 1999, six years after finishing his collegiate basketball career at Division III Whitewater College, and bouncing around jobs that Kevin found himself in the real world with no real job skills and a strong desire to work an hour a day. What to do? Inspired by nights on the couch watching Def Comedy […]

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