A little over 4 years ago my pup Barett was not living in a good place. There were many puppies that were mean to him and he felt that his “Owners” were not very intelligent people. All they did was scratch themselves and watch reruns of “All in the Family” (an old TV show). So on a cold Fishmas morning Barett walked out of his home and was picked up by Barb from the Dane County Humane Society (Fake Name). Barb had always had the hots for me and was trying to think of a way for me to occupy my wife Alicia. So one day she called me and said “Fish I have found the perfect new addition to your family and would like for you to meet him ASAP, he is only 6 weeks old. Alicia and I had been trying to have kids so we jumped at the chance to meet this beautiful baby boy. Barett and I became “Best Buds” right away and Alicia was fooled into believing that we had a really Furry HUMAN baby for like the first six months until she realized he had NO BALLS … just like his pappa. (This story isn’t totally accurate but in my head it makes me sound SUPER COOL).



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