Joey and I have been friends well before he got married. People have always asked me why I put him on my old morning show. Is it because he is hysterical? (Nope) Is it because he is creative and you both have great chemistry with each other? (Nope) Is it because you are both such good friends that you always have his back like he has yours? (KINDA) The story is that a few years ago Joey and I knew each other because he was helping to run a Comedy Club in Madison, Wisconsin. The person I always really liked the most was his wife. She and I became really good friends after they got married. She gave birth to a beautiful boy that looks a little more like me then Joey so I figured I should help with the bills so he doesn’t get a DNA test. So what do you get when Fish is your buddy? Someone that will look out for your wife and help with the bills. (This story isn’t totally accurate but in my head it makes me sound SUPER COOL).



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