Episode 11: Fish, Alicia, and Barrett the Dog

Fish tries to help Alicia deal with a major fear she has been telling us about.  What did Alicia’s cousin leave behind after a visit that Fish is going to get one of his Friends to drink (maybe not his BREAST idea … hahaha … get it?).  What 80’s TV star wants to sing you to sleep every night and be careful while driving you because Fish may hypnotize you to do anything he wants.  They also share a story about what SHOULD of or COULD of happened at a local fetish night.  In Secrets, What do people say about you that you hate?  Fish or Cut Bait is your chance to help a fellow podcast listener with advice on her weather should she stay with a motivational speaker.  They may be nice to see but would you want to be with one.  In a story to make you feel better about yourself  do people talk about you behind your back and make you feel stupid.  If they have … no worries this story will make you feel like a genius … and Alicia could be related to him.



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