Episode 14: Fish, Dee, and Barrett the Dog

WARNING!!!  WOMEN WILL WANT THEIR “OTHER HALF” TO HEAR THIS:  Again this will get naughty like the last time Dee was over.  The podcast kicks off with #NPR the #MothRadioHour and a place called #TheGardeningHoe and then will help men and women learn how to please a woman.  What diagnoses did Biatch give when Fish and Barrett talked about chattering teeth and why are you supposed to hold him a stroke his head while saying you are a good person.  In other news from making #gingerbabies to a 3 year old wanting a party Alicia would never do but Dee would and of course don’t forget about #UnitedAirlines.  In Secrets, Oh no you didn’t!  Marital or pre marital drama secrets.  Fish or Cut Bait is all about that fear of Ugly babies when you meet his family.  Enjoy and interact with the show on www.fishwithfriends.com



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