Podcast Episode 12: Fish, Dee the Biznatch “Biatch” and Barrett the Dog

WARNING!!!  This Get’s Naughty!  One of the most favorite people in the world of the Fish Plex is “Dee the Biznatch Biatch”.  Dee hung out with Fish and the conversation went from making life stress free to how she and her girl friend make the naughty.  Dee does a few podcasts that she will direct you to within the podcast and shares one of her many skills that she is “going for longevity” with.  She also shares some surprising angles as to why your job is to “Spread your Seed”.  Also,   In “Secrets”, What is your favorite thing about your ex?  “Fish or Cut Bait” asks this question: “there are somethings we shouldn’t eat.  Or is it healthy?  It’s from our body so that could be ok.  Right?”



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