Podcast Episode 18: Fish, Dee the Biznatch “Biatch” and Barrett the Dog

Fish and Barrett really got to spend some time with the Biatch this week and not just learn about what it’s like behind the scenes in her morning radio life but learn about her relationship with “The Clam” and her child’s strange and unique obsession.  On a side note, what if your kid said:  “I woke up one night and I heard this weird moaning!!!” (thinking the house was haunted but it may have been Mommy).  If you have ever had a bad family member as a baby sitter that did a terrible job this story will make you feel better about yourself and in “Secrets” (submit them under CONTACT on the website) What should you feel guilty about but you don’t?  In “Fish or Cut Bait” (again submit yours on the website under CONTACT) Biatch wanted it described it as “Three way or NO WAY!!!”.



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