Podcast Episode 20: Fish, Alicia, Marino and Barrett the Dog

Marino has a major crush on Barrett the Dog … “That’s my Boy”.  Alicia had her hands full with a little 2 on 1 action with only Barrett to protect her.  Lots of parenting info for Marino in this one.  On the flip, Marino puts his family on #Blast and then asks Fish “Why you always gotta make shit weird?”  There is something that your kid should wait for till 14 years old that would surprise you. Stories include, What is making #Starbucks Baristas mad to how did a woman’s ass cause a car crash, as well as, what did a guy do with his #taxes that pissed off the government.  In “Secrets” … What makes you feel stupid?  In “Fish or Cut Bait” … If your girlfriend partied so hard that cops recognize her .. is it time to move on?  If you have ever thought that you mistreated your puppy or was bad to your dog there is a story to make you feel better about yourself.  BONUS:  #AlSnows girl #Jessica got a fun plug in this podcast as well.  Next time she see’s Marino and Fish she will probably castrate them.



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