Podcast Episode 21: Fish, Dee the Biznatch “Biatch” and Barrett the Dog

“My Weekend was filled with Guns and Cake … it was awesome!” best way to start a #podcast.  Biatch and Fish kick right into a conversation about unique proposals and one long ginger hair.  Fish shared a story with Biatch about when he got set on fire and got a ticket.  Cheesy Pizza comes into play and Biatch hitting on Fish makes the room a little uncomfortable, I mean “Good Lord!!!  I am married”.  If you live in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin and you ever see Biatch walking down the street with a lawn mower, a dog and a clam she describes why she won’t “Put it in the Trunk”.  Stories about a lady of the night that tried to get some NUGS thrown in for sexy time (not a new trend). Also, if you are someone that believes in safe sex you will want to learn about stealthing and then Fish throws out a few fun sexy #WouldYouRather question.  In “Secrets”, what do people say about you that you secretly hate.   In “Fish or Cut Bait”, If she is perfect for you but wants to do a #Hippie thing when raising the kids can you work through it?



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