Podcast Episode 22: Fish, Monica, Nick and Barrett the Dog

Monica came back into the studio to introduce her Australian man Nick to Fish and Barrett the Dog.  Nick travels full time with is business “PT on a Plane” which is a personal trainer that comes to you.  He left Australia quite a while ago and is traveling the world training and falling love with our very own Monica.  Fish was shocked when he did some research and found a list of Australian terms that he had never heard, you will learn a lot to say to your “Aussie Aussie Aussie” friends.  Nick shared some wild stories about Kangaroos attacking people and really comparing them to Deer in the U.S.  What he said they do with them was intriguing and shocking all at the same time … YUM YUM?  Nick was surprised to find that robots are going to wipe out one of the main sources of income in his country and his mother makes a visit to the Fish Plex to bond with Monica (kind of).  In “Secrets”, What’s the Most Desperate thing you did while you were broke?  In “Fish or Cut Bait”, should you stay with someone that is constantly changing hobbies … is that a sign?  Finally, Nick gave a workout tip that could improve your abs and booty at the same time and it’s all within your daily life.



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