Podcast Episode 24: Fish, Alicia, Rachel and Barrett the Dog

Alicia’s best friend Rachel came into the Fish Plex for the first time.  We had so much fun and Rachel got to share the wild wonderful world of dating.  What are women looking for on Apps and Sites?  For sure this let us know that we need to have a woman’s panel on Fish With Friends.  Fish damn near fell down when they started talking a lady with 72 inches of leg ..> GOOD LORD!!!  Who is your Celebrity Lookalike?  Scarlet Johanson did the coolest thing for her lookalike 50 years later and why is there a cat in the tree holding a machine gun?  Have you ever wondered what it was like for Alicia to rap?  Kiss other girls?  Lie to her Boss?  Then boy are you going to be fulfilled.  In Secrets, “What is your go to lie?”, the ladies had some fun with this one and men’s junk.    In Fish Or Cut Bait, “Should I stay with a man who may choose me over god?”.  Finally be careful when you accuse someone of stealing your heroin.  Really?  This guy is such a loser you will love your life and feel better about your own dumb messed up moments.



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