Podcast Episode 28: Fish, Michael Johnson and Barrett the Dog

If you have ever wanted someone to do something crazy for charity this is the podcast for you.  Michael Johnson from the Boys and Girls Club came into the Fish Plex and was blown away by what “T Dog” had done with the Studio.  Fish, Barrett the Dog and Michael had a great conversation on Michaels family, including his amazing wife, as well as some amazing stories from families that have inspiring Mothers.  Is he going to run for major office?  What should you say to inspire your friends and family?  How do you help your troubled children? Fun stories are discussed as well.  Like what could could the WWE Wrestler The Rock be doing someday that could “Trump” the world?  What weird things would people do for money and would you do them?  What is the sexiest job to have to get a good man or woman?  How could Michael Johnson possibly get poisoned … scary but true.  In “Fish or Cut Bait” what advice is given by Fish, Michael and Barrett the Dog on someone that makes EVERY holiday about them.  Michael actually gave the best analogy every for dating a hot woman who may be lacking in the brain area.  A Bonus for FACT in this podcast is great marriage advice from Michael that will make you laugh.
The Website to help make a difference for the Boys and Girls Club in Wisconsin is:  www.bike4BGC.com



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