Podcast Episode 29: Fish, Alicia, Marino, Megan “Little Cutie” and Barrett The Dog

Megan “Little Cutie” and Marino came back into the Fish Plex with a vengeance!  From the start the girls start talking about their bodies and comparing them to the show Mick on Fox.  You must listen to this episode just to hear the chemistry between Marino and Megan “Little Cutie”, they may be just friends but wow do they click.  The room was shocked and got it when they heard who Chris Rock’s celebrity hookup was back in the day that destroyed his marriage, shouldn’t this woman be a pass.  Other Stories are about an old dude getting trouble with naughty movies, what shouldn’t a woman swallow and finally is Disney being violated or is there a brilliant idea on the net that could help improve your love life?  As far as the Disney thing went, Megan “Little Cutie” brought something up about Dead Pool that made Marino almost pass out.  In Secrets, “What is the biggest lie you have ever told your spouse?”.  WOW did this open something up.  Big fights and fun conversations on Fish With Friends.



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