Podcast Episode 30: Fish, Dee the Biznatch “Biatch” and Barrett the Dog

Like all the Podcasts 3 segments with 10 to 20 minutes each.
Friday Free for All!!!
Segment 1:  Barrett the Dog really wanted Aunty Biatch and Fat Daddy to just have a good meal and just talk about whatever.  Biatch kicked into a deep conversation on the benefits of the “Devils Lettuce”.  Tons of life questions should be answered:  What is the perfect car that makes Fish feel like Chris Farley in a tight coat?  How did the band Wayland mess with Biatch at Sturges?  What is a Good Will Hunting Spree?  Is it ok to pull over and jump the scary van that is stuck?
Segment 2:  What have 80% of women done to their men that is the worst thing ever?  What tricks are there that men have always wanted to know about women?  Which co worker does Biatch have that has the biggest wanker she has ever seen in her life?  If you are friends with someone and “packing heat” their is a really good trick to play on them at work and the gym.  Fish shares his most uncomfortable story that happened with Alicia when he found out he wasn’t #1. Finally, what would it be like for Fish and Biatch to make sweet sweet love?
Segment 3:   What happened with a man Fish calls Major Tom that almost got him in trouble at work that is mostly Biatch’s fault.  Biatch was very upset that anyone would ever get in trouble for what happened to the Major.  Heads up for a man that thinks he is Jesus and is getting free meals all over the country.  What would you do in that situation?  Why did Fish get super excited by something that Biatch told him?  Wrapping up the podcast with a bunch of random stories that went into a traumatizing story from Fish and something weird with a kangaroo and a trailer park.



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