Podcast Episode 31: Fish, Alicia, Marino and Barrett the Dog

Like all the Podcasts 3 segments with 10 to 20 minutes each.
Segment 1:  Marino came over for the first time without Megan “Little Cutie” and it became all about Megan at first.  Fish shared some tips to live longer and have more fulfilling life and Alicia tried to prove a point that everyone is wrong but her.    Then it became about fashion, what is something that men are starting to wear that get’s Marino “Hot”.
Segment 2:  Starts with the parent of the show (Marino has like 100 kids).  A 10 year old girl may have some kind of super powers and does an incredible feat of strength.  Alicia asked Marino to do something that made the room uncomfortable and some consider rude.  Fish followed it up with some helpful information to make it so you can look much much better.  Did you hear what happened to the guy that broke into his grandma’s house?  If we were to “Hashtag” this story we would have to say #Lube.  What have you done in your Grandparents home that you shouldn’t do?
Segment 3:  “Fish or Cut Bait”, should someone stay with a man if they only have one thing in common?   It’s a really big thing but for a year he has been loving it, I am sure. (Send your “Fish or Cut Bait” via the website CONTACT tab).  The Episode ends with an interesting story about a kid in need of a kidney transplant and an amazing woman who is an officer … Fish makes it a little weird though.



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