Podcast Episode 32: Fish, Alicia and Barrett the Dog

Like all the Podcasts 3 segments with 10 to 20 minutes each.
Segment 1:  Alicia decided to have some solo time with her boys, Barrett the Dog and Fish.  This type of Episode doesn’t happen as much anymore and it was a blast to be a part of.  For example, what happened when Fish and Alicia helped this older lady that will really embarrass anyone from the state of Wisconsin.  Fish then decided to educate Alicia on how amazing it was being a wife, as well as woman, in the 1950’s.  What do 50% of people, mostly men, think could send them to jail that will make you feel sad for even being a human.  Alicia has a semi?  That’s weird.  Right?
Segment 2:  Is the ceremony really worth it?  A celebrity was hired to make it so people would want to actually sit through a graduation and make it worth it.  He gave the group a shocker that was quite memorable and gets fashion advice from Alicia.  Snakes scare a lot of people but can they into some serious trouble for damage to an apartment complex.  What is going on in England with giant penis?  Really could be a punch in the face.
Segment 3:  Kicks off with a little marijuana help from one of Fish’s celebrity friends. A lot of naughty parents out there.  Might learn some tips from today’s “Secrets”.  The guys working on the Fish Plex told Fish a wild story about what happened when a 68 year old woman tried to stop a party that will piss you off …. #DamnKids.  I don’t know about my other “Brothers in Pain” but a stat we rap up with grosses me out when it comes to the “Sisters with a Brain”, and why is Alicia singing (Fish threw a surprise in there that she won’t be happy with).
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