Podcast Episode 34: Fish, Dee the Biznatch “Biatch” and Barrett the Dog

Like all the Podcasts 3 segments with 10 to 20 minutes each.
Segment 1:  A lot of sides to this #podcast.  Fish, Biatch and Barrett the Dog kick it off with talking about the passing of Chris Cornell and what happened in England with Arianna Grande.  This segment gets a little serious from what you are usually used to with Fish and Biatch.  One of those two artists really emotionally connects with Biatch and she gets a little worked up when they discuss.  Is silence really consent?  Should you interject when people go to far with meme’s on the internet or is silence better?  What happened to Fish when he was with Connie and Fish that really surprised Biatch and why does Barrett the Dog look at her like that?  Finally, what happened
Segment 2:  Who in the Fish Plex is going crazy when Biatch rubs their booty?  Does she agree with the list for the U.S. “Best frozen pizza”?  During the middle of this segment Fish, Biatch and Barrett the Dog got completely interrupted #rude and how did Biatch get that hair in her mouth?  How have you messed with your neighbors in the past … this guy may have went too far.  How do I describe the end of this segment?  This is all I have to say … Why are Biatch’s son and his friends carrying what appears to be a dead body around her home?
Segment 3:  One of Biatch’s favorite females popped into the studio to discuss body changes with Fish and Biatch (Barrett the Dog doesn’t care).  What is the grossest thing ever that Biatch and this guest love?  So nasty.  Fish showed everyone some videos that made one of the people almost vomit (careful your gag reflex may kick in here).  A list of weird things people like to do popping and pulling stuff from other peoples bodies.  What first date activity leads to a relationship?  Love advice from the pros (he typed sarcastically).
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