Podcast Episode 36: Fish, Alicia and Barrett the Dog

Like all the Podcasts 3 segments with 10 to 20 minutes each.
Segment 1:  Alicia is back with Fish and Barrett the Dog for a 3 way performance.  #FixerUpper gets the plug right away.  If you watch #HGTV it’s the hottest show on and Alicia is crazy to learn from Joanna without a doubt.  You will be surprised the things that people say at the pool right outside the Fish Plex.  Sometimes your friends will say the naughtiest things after a couple drinks and this even shocked Fish.  What would you do if your friend showed up at your house at 4 am hammered but trying to be safe and not drive home?  A little bit of factual college info for you in this segment about wine that makes Alicia very happy.  Jamie Fox pops on from Jimmy Fallon’s the tonight show.
Segment 2:  Fish has a man crush on Simon Cowell from Americas Got Talent and when he shows Alicia the reason why even Barrett the Dog got chills let alone her.  From this point a debate starts about who should get a “Big Break” a kid under 10 or an adult with a disability.  Do you want better “Sexy Time” in your marriage or relationship?  This could be a life changer from CNN.  What do people misspell when looking for adult videos and what the heck is going on with freaky people in Wisconsin and Minnesota?  Is porn cheating?  This debate gets shut down!
Segment 3:  In “Fish Or Cut Bait” should you stay with someone that insists on you loosing weight to marry him?  Alicia feels very strongly about his reason which was surprising since the girl that messaged in requested Alicia’s advice.  Special visit from one of Fish’s favorite celebs with advice for the end of the world.
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