Podcast Episode 48: Fish, Dee the Biznatch “Biatch”, Alicia and Barrett the Dog

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Like all the Podcasts 3 segments with 10 to 20 minutes each
Segment 1:  Fish and Alicia had Biatch over to hang with them and Barrett the Dog for a little while and were excited to “Mass Debate” over some things going throughout the minds of two completely different women who really like each other.  Kicks right off with a grammar debate about email’s and how to say things the right way that intimidates Fish to ask Biatch about her intentions with Alicia.  Fish pumps everyone up when he informs the ladies about a new way to your brush your teeth that could give you more time and do a better job.  Why is Biatch offering to help Alicia murder and dispose of Fish?  Isn’t your 12 year old really intelligent if he knows both ways to use the term #Anal in a conversation?
Segment 2:  The kid you for sure want your kid to be in the future because he saves people from dying.  Just saying.  He is awesome.  Alicia shared a little too much information about her love life from the past but Biatch follows it up with some cool things about a TV celeb.  What is going on with the people in Ireland where they won’t eat awesome food that we all love?  Why is Biatch telling Fish and Alicia that she is a whore but in a good way.
Segment 3:  What do people take for naughty things while on vacation?  The coolest thing with 80 people happened in Florida and it was a life saver.  Scientifically speaking it’s pretty amazing how they all linked together acted as one.  What STD is out and about right now that there is no cure for that there used to be?  Be Careful.
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